All About Luxurious Hotels – Dubai

When I was a child I used to listen to the tales of Aladdin. Since then I wanted to experience the royal Arab life. The folk stories of the desert always attracted me towards them so I planned to go to UAE to experience the magic. So I did some research and I decided to go to Dubai. Dubai has some of the most swanky and luxurious hotel at present and also offers the desert life that I was so attracted to. So I did some more research on the accommodation that they were offering and I fell in love with that place. So I packed my bags and left for the wonderland known as Dubai. Dubai is known for its ultra-modern infrastructure, the city is spell bounding with its mammoth structure and high-end lifestyle. Dubai’s main source of income is the oil present there which was found in 1966, it is also an important port for business the other source being tourism.

The government of Dubai soon realized that if the oil runs out they would have no other source of income and the economy will collapse, therefore the converted it into a tourist attraction. Since it is a tourist attraction many grand hotels are built there to accommodate the masses. There are several sea view hotels in Dubai, and there are many 5 Star hotels in Dubai. The main tourist attractions in Dubai are the super luxurious hotels. Also, booking Dubai hotels is very easy. Sea view hotels in Dubai There are many sea view hotels in Dubai the most popular hotel will be the seven star wonder the Burj Al Arab it is also the tallest hotel in the world. Then comes the Jumeirah Beach Hotel overlooking the breathtaking Jumeirah beach. Then there is Madinat Jumeirah – Al Qasr these are some of the most luxurious hotels which are sea facing. Article Source:

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