Yokohama Accommodations, Travel and Transportation

With the establishment of several Yokohama guesthouses that provide travellers with a better option than staying in hotels, more and more tourists arrive at Yokohama each day to visit the wonderful attractions and relax by the bay. Living in a Yokohama guesthouse cuts the budget for accommodation greatly so tourists can enjoy their vacation without having to worry too much about expenses. Yokohama is a relaxing place and a good escape from the businesses and fast-paced life in Tokyo. The city has a rich history and culture as well. In history, we know that its port was the first to be opened to world trade after Japan’s self-isolation, and it continues to be a maritime city until today. This explains the diverse population found in Yokohama.

It houses the largest Chinatown in Japan and Asia (also one of the largest in the world), which is filled with hundreds of restaurants famous for their dishes that are products of mixtures of Japanese and Chinese styles of cooking. Also, a great sight to see is the Nippon Maru, a majestic sailing ship that now serves as a museum. Japan has an efficient public transportation system that connects cities such as Yokohama to the metropolitan area of Tokyo and other large cities. The Japanese are known to prefer riding public transportation such as trains rather than travel by private cars. The train stations are always full of people, but this is never a hindrance for the train operators; Japanese public transportations are known for their punctuality and good service, after all. Article Source:

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